GNLU Certificate course on ‘GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONALISM EMERGING TRENDS’ [13-18th Feb’2017]

GNLU Certificate course on ‘GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONALISM EMERGING TRENDS’ [13-18th Feb’2017]
About Course: A course to sensitize students to the recent developments in constitutionalism in the region, and throw light on the philosophical and historical moorings of the fundamental features of Constitutional Law. This comparative study intends to provide the requisite knowledge to respond appropriately to issues that arise with regard to the varying developments globally, and more particularly, regionally, in our constitutional journey to attain stability in the context of the Rule of Law.
Course Content:
  • 13th February: Constitutionalism / Constitutional law principles
  • 14th February: Comparison study of Unitary Systems and Federal Systems; Emerging Constitutional structures– A comparative study.
  • 15th February: Judicial Review – A comparison of India, Sri Lanka and USA; Judicial Activism, PIL, the horizontal expansion of the FR jurisdiction.
  • 16th February: Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Remedies
  • 17th February: Constitutional Interpretation or The Rule of Law.
  • 18th February: Evaluation
Course Timings: 3:00p.m.– 5:30p.m
Test: 3:00p.m.-4:00p.m
Registration Fees:
GNLU Students- ₹1500
Other than GNLU Students- ₹3000
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